What is going on over there?

We are working on getting more product loaded!

Just wanted to give everybody a little update on what we’ve been doing. 

We are working to increase our supplier portfolio to be sure that we can bring you good products at good prices.  But I’m going to be straight with you… I am much better at building and working on guns than I am building and working on websites.

Have mistakes been made… uh… yep! But I’ll own them and fix them. So if you see something in our online store and think to yourself “I wonder what that is doing there”, don’t worry… it will be taken care of soon.  

And always remember: if you’re looking for something in particular and its not listed on our website, that doesn’t mean that we can’t get it for you.  Use the contact link to drop us a line.  We love to do everything we can to earn your business.